About TFI
VLC is a certification center approved by ETS. We organize monthly tests on our campuses to assess people's language skills: TOEIC, TOEFL, and TFI according to the regulations in force. Exam fees: 120,000 FCFA

Institutions (colleges, colleges and companies) wishing to pass their students or employees can order a test session at their leisure in agreement with VLC.

Prerequisite: - Take a level test of English or French_ the VEPT (Vista English Placement Test) is a test specially designed to check your real level of language based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Price: 5,000 F CFA and benefit from one week of free lessons.

_ Have intermediate level

VLC organizes three intense weeks (30 hours) of preparatory courses designed to allow candidates to easily pass the tests for the said exams and obtain a high score on D-Day.

Individual: 5,000 F CFA / hour

Small group (03 to 05 people): 90,000 CFA francs / person

Also, mock tests are organized to allow candidates to get into exam conditions and have an estimate of the structure of the test concerned. Price of the blank test: 15,000 CFA francs

The TFI (Test de Français International) is a certification of the French level intended for people whose mother tongue is not French. The test assesses oral comprehension (ability of candidates to communicate in French in any field) and written comprehension (ability to read reports, emails, etc.). The test lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

Choose a 2019 exam date:

August 31; September 28; October 26; November 30; December 28.

Please contact the center administration for more information on registration.

By phone or whatsapp: (+237) 695 22 32 36/672 79 19 52

VLC guarantees you valid, reliable and fair scores!